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Chat Monitoring Tool

Helping chat admins monitor chat rooms better through meaningful visual representation


About the project

The Chat Monitoring Tool is an internal web-based tool that is used by chat admins to administer chat rooms inside all games company-wide to make sure players are being respectful toward each others and make sure things are in order.

A team responsible for the chat admin tool was finishing up developing the tool and wanted us to do an art pass. I took this opportunity to make sure any changes we could make would benefit the users and help improve the way the chat admins do their job.

My contributions

I worked as the solo desinger for this project. I worked along side a producer who helped me facilitate the user research and getting feedback. My job included:

→ User research through interviews and direct feedback

→ Translate research into design problems

→ Design the solution and create interactive prototypes

→ Create a design guidline for implementation


The tool received positive feedback. Chat admins noted the ease of use and improved workflow which enabled the team to work faster and more efficiently.
Final Design

Sabai Project

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