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Sabai Project

Lifestyle app for people who are looking for domestic help around the house


About the project

The Sabai Project is a system that connects people that need domestic services around the house such as house cleaning or gardening with the service providers. The project includes 3 pieces of software that work together; A customer app, a manager web app, and a provider task reminder app.

The system allows customers to make task requests to service provider company which will accept the tasks and assigns the tasks to their providers. The providers will then carry out the tasks and calculate the final payment for the customers to pay.

My contributions

I worked as the sole designer in this project. This was a remote project as the rest of the team was in Thailand. My job included:

→ Create the plan for user interview and survey

→ Translate user research into features and designs

→ Provide visual and interaction design guidelines

→ Provide interactive prototypes for user testing and development

→ Work directly with devs during the implementation

Style guide

Game Management Tool Design System

Chat Monitoring Tool

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